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iDialog v2.0 est un client mobile compatible Microsoft Lync pour Apple IPhone, iPad ou iPod Touch.

Il est disponible en téléchargement depuis le 13 mai 2011 sur iTunes.

Les nouveautés:

  • Multi-tasking support on iOS4+.  iDialog will run in the background for 9 minutes.  During this time the user will appear online to other users and the user will receive a local push notification for any new chats.  An audio tone will be played and a notification badge will be added to the app icon for any new inbound IMs to existing chats.  After 9 minutes iDialog will sign the user out.  Bringing iDialog to the foreground (re-entering the app) will reset the 9 minute timer.
  • Native iPad screen resolution
  • Portrait and Landscape mode for all devices
  • Supports searches that return Distribution Groups as well as users
  • Users can email the contents of an IM session
  • When viewing a contact and selecting email, iDialog now sends mail without leaving the app.
  • Ability to capture debugging trace information to help us troubleshoot issues if users are unable to logon.

Par contre, ce client continue a ce services des fonctionnalités de web access pour se connecter a un environnement OCS/Lync.

Lync n'ayant plus de web access, il faut installer un cwa 2007 ou 2007 R2 pour pouvoir utiliser ce type de client.

Source: http://www.modalitysystems.com/blog/?p=157


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