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Microsoft a publié une mise à jour de son fichier de listing des paramétrages de stratégies de groupe (GPO) pour Windows 10 1803 (Spring Creators Update). On retrouve de nombreux nouveaux paramétrages dont :

Télémétrie et Vie Privée :

  • Allow device name to be sent in Windows diagnostic data
  • Configure telemetry opt-in setting user interface.
  • Configure telemetry opt-in change notifications.
  • Let Windows apps access an eye tracker device
  • Turn off Windows Spotlight on Settings

Delivery Optimization :

  • Maximum Background Download Bandwidth (percentage)
  • Maximum Foreground Download Bandwidth (percentage)
  • Select the source of Group IDs
  • Delay background download from http (in secs)
  • Delay Foreground download from http (in secs)
  • Select a method to restrict Peer Selection
  • Set Business Hours to Limit Background Download Bandwidth
  • Set Business Hours to Limit Foreground Download Bandwidth

Sécurité :

  • Allow hardware-accelerated rendering for Windows Defender Application Guard
  • Hide the Ransomware data recovery area
  • Hide the Account protection area
  • Hide the Device security area
  • Hide the Security processor (TPM) troubleshooter page
  • Hide the Secure boot area

Système et Interface :

  • Phone-PC linking on this device
  • Allow upload of User Activities
  • Allow Cortana Page in OOBE on an AAD account
  • Remove "Recently added" list from Start Menu
  • Turn on Live Sticker
  • Allow Uninstallation of Language Features
  • Improve inking and typing recognition
  • Disable all apps from Microsoft Store 

Remote Desktop

  • Do not allow video capture redirection
  • Use hardware graphics adapters for all Remote Desktop Services sessions


Télécharger Group Policy Settings Reference Spreadsheet Windows 1803

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