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Microsoft vient de mettre à disposition un Rollup 5 pour Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Service Pack 2. Ce correctif intègre une dizaine de correctifs :

  • 2963805 FIX: Account lockout alerts are not logged after you install Rollup 4 for TMG 2010 SP2
  • 2963811 FIX: The TMG Firewall service (wspsrv.exe) may crash when the DiffServ filter is enabled
  • 2963823 FIX: "1413 Invalid Index" after you enable cookie sharing across array members
  • 2963834 FIX: HTTPS traffic may not be inspected when a user accesses a site
  • 2967726 FIX: New connections are not accepted on a specific web proxy or web listener in Threat Management Gateway 2010
  • 2965004 FIX: EnableSharedCookie option doesn't work if the Forefront TMG service runs under a specific account
  • 2932469 FIX: An incorrect value is used for IPsec Main Mode key lifetime in Threat Management Gateway 2010
  • 2966284 FIX: A zero value is always returned when an average counter of the "Forefront TMG Web Proxy" object is queried from the .NET Framework
  • 2967763 FIX: The "Const SE_VPS_VALUE = 2" setting does not work for users if the UPN is not associated with a real domain
  • 2973749 FIX: HTTP Connectivity verifiers return unexpected failures in TMG 2010

Télécharger Rollup 5 for Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Service Pack 2

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