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L’équipe MED-V vient de publier une liste des problèmes connus au cours de la phase Bêta pour MED-V v2 :

·         KB2501981 - Error "Sysprep.inf was not Found in VHD" when creating a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

·         KB2501993 - Error "The Directory is not Empty" when creating a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

·         KB2502077 - Error "Insufficient Disk Space for MSI/VHD" when creating a a MED-V 2.0 workspace package

·         KB2502084 - First Time Setup of MED-V 2.0 fails with “The Initial configuration of MED-V workspace was not successful”

·         KB2502126 - Warning "Unable to enable integration components" when opening a MED-V Workspace in full screen mode

·         KB2504827 - MED-V 2.0 workspace setup fails with a fatal error

·         KB2504890 - Error “An incorrect password was entered” when providing credentials for MED-V

·         KB2504904 - A MED-V workspace which is configured to use NAT is not listed as a machine in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

·         KB2502215 - Network Printers installed on Windows 7 are not available to MED-V Applications

·         KB2504970 - A MED-V Workspace launches in Full Screen mode rather than APP mode

·         KB2502225 - MED-V applications that have been renamed are not listed in the Windows 7 start menu

·         KB2504415 - MED-V Applications are not available in the Windows 7 start menu

·         KB2504798 - MED-V does not Redirect Configured URL’s

·         KB2504989 - Unable to access a MED-V redirected website after connecting to a corporate network on the host

·         KB2505021 - Internet Explorer crashes when viewing an Adobe PDF file in MED-V 2.0



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