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Microsoft Ignite 2019 a lieu dans quelques jours et cet événement va catalyser un grand nombre d’annonces. On ne retrouve pas moins de 1600 session et je vous propose un aperçu de ma sélection des sessions à suivre sur la partie Modern Workplace et Sécurité. On retrouve notamment les grands thèmes autour du déploiement moderne, de la gestion moderne et de la sécurité

De nombreuses sessions couvrent l’ensemble de la stack de solution :

  • Why Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 ProPlus? Security, privacy, and a great user experience (DEP10)
  • Windows Autopilot: What's new, what’s coming, and tips for a smooth rollout (BRK3077)
  • What's new in Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager, including Desktop Analytics and Windows Autopilot (Part 1 of 2) (BRK2082)
  • What's new in Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager, including Desktop Analytics and Windows Autopilot (Part 2 of 2) (BRK3220)
  • Windows security internals: containers for the win! (BRK4010)
  • Windows Virtual Desktop overview (BRK2084)

Concernant la partie les sessions sur le déploiement moderne, vous pouvez suivre :

  • Windows Autopilot: White glove pre-provisioning (THR3023)
  • Modern Windows 10 and Office 365 deployment with Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Intune, and Configuration Manager (DEP20)
  • Streamlined deployment of specialized devices (86268)
  • Ask the experts: modern deployment and device management (BRK3076)


On retrouve de nombreuses sessions sur le thème de la gestion moderne :

  • Ask the experts: modern deployment and device management (BRK3076)
  • Enterprise app management with MSIX (BRK2083)
  • Stay current while minimizing network traffic: the power of Delivery Optimization In Cache (DOINC) (BRK3078)
  • Keep it simple: Microsoft 365 device and app management (THR3026)
  • Strategic and tactical considerations for ring-based Windows 10 deployments (BRK3080)
  • Transforming update management with cloud controls (BRK3258)
  • iOS and iPadOS device management with Microsoft Intune (BRK3219)
  • Migrating from Device Admin to Android Enterprise with Microsoft Intune (THR3081)
  • Insights-driven device management: Use the power of analytics to optimize the user experience and enhance productivity (BRK3086)
  • Deploy and manage apps with MSIX (THR2031)
  • Make the Windows update experience smooth and seamless—for your IT team and your end users (BRK3081)
  • The benefits of Windows 10 Dynamic Update (THR3073)
  • Configure Microsoft 365 devices for the best user experience and privacy with Microsoft Intune (BRK3084)
  • The evolution of Windows feature update deployment (THR3117)
  • Reducing Windows TCO through data-driven insights for management, servicing, and support (BRK3085)
  • Android device management with Microsoft Intune (BRK3082)
  • Reaching for the cloud: Group Policy transformation to MDM with Microsoft Intune (THR3027)
  • Solving Windows 10 feature updates in a multilingual deployment (THR4002)
  • Streamline and stay current with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus (DEP30)
  • Supercharge PC and mobile device management: Attach Configuration Manager to Microsoft Intune and the Microsoft 365 cloud (DEP40)
  • Why Microsoft 365 is essential to your zero-trust device management strategy (DEP50)
  • Protected, productive mobile browsing with Microsoft Edge mobile and Microsoft Intune (BRK3253)
  • Provide a great end user update experience by utilizing Windows Update management policies (THR3024)
  • MacOS device management with Microsoft Intune (THR3028)
  • How to manage Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for on-premises and cloud environments (BRK3079)
  • MSIX App Attach: The future of app delivery in virtual environments (THR3074)

Sur Office 365, vous retrouvez :

Plus globalement, vous retrouvez un résumé des sessions sur les services d'Office 365 sur :

Sur les enjeux de sécurité, je vous recommande :


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