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L’événement Microsoft Ignite s’apprête à démarrer et de nombreuses annonces vont avoir lieu. Pour ceux qui veulent suivre l’événement en ligne ou pour ceux qui ont la chance d’être sur place, voici quelques sessions intéressantes :


  • 12:30: Evaluate Microsoft vs. VMware in the datacenter
  • 01:00: Build solutions with Operations Management Suite extensions and integration
  • 02:15: BRK2139 Protect your business and empower your users with cloud Identity and Access Management
  • 02:15: Unravel and harness Windows Server 2016 for private and hybrid cloud solutions
  • 02:15: Drive business transformation with Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016
  • 02:15: Extend the Microsoft RDS platform in Azure through Citrix solutions


  • 09:00: Explore Azure Stack “State of the Union” – Foundation 1
  • 09:00: Explore Windows Server 2016 Software Defined Datacenter
  • 09:00: Take advantage of new capabilities in System Center 2016
  • 10:45: Configuring your heterogeneous environment with PowerShell and DSC
  • 10:45: Explore Windows Server 2016 Security
  • 12:30: Learn about Azure Stack Agile Service Delivery
  • 12:30: Harness RDS improvements in Windows Server 2016
  • 12:30: BRK3107 Connect your on-premises directories to Azure AD and use one identity for all your apps
  • 02:00: Keep the lights on with Windows Server 2016 Failover Clustering
  • 02:15: BRK3225 Secure access to Office 365, SaaS, and on-premises apps and files with Azure AD and Intune
  • 02:15: Discover Shielded VMs and learn about real world deployments
  • 02:15: Dive into the new world of Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers
  • 02:15: Review Microsoft Azure Stack with Jeffrey Snover and Mark Russinovich
  • 02:15: Introduce Windows Server 2016 into your environment
  • 03:15: Manage Nano Server and Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V
  • 04:00: Deploy, configure, and remotely manage Nano Server
  • 04:00: Discover what's new in Windows Server 2016 Virtualization
  • 04:30: BRK3109 Deliver management and security at scale to Office 365 with Azure Active Directory


  • 09:00: BRK3111 Manage productivity at scale with Azure Active Directory
  • 09:00: Learn about Azure Stack Infrastructure Operations and Management
  • 09:00: Discover Hyper-converged infrastructure with Windows Server 2016
  • 10:45: Get notes from the field: implementing Nano Server in production around the world
  • 11:30: BRK2210 Learn how Unilever modernized IT with Azure Active Directory at the core
  • 11:30: Develop, package and deploy your apps for Nano Server
  • 12:30: Optimize your software-defined storage investment with Windows Server 2016
  • 12:30: Protect your infrastructure and applications with Windows Server 2016 security
  • 12:45: Hack Hyper-V: how to protect your Microsoft private cloud
  • 02:15: BRK3139 Throw away your DMZ – Azure Active Directory Application Proxy deep-dive
  • 02:15: Dive into Microsoft Azure Stack Architecture
  • 04:00: BRK3181 Secure your web applications with Microsoft identity
  • 04:00: Discover Storage Spaces Direct, the ultimate software-defined storage for Hyper-V
  • 04:00: Manage your software-defined datacenter using System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager


  • 09:00: BRK3252 Use managed domain services on Microsoft Azure
  • 09:00: Accelerate application delivery with Docker Containers and Windows Server 2016
  • 09:00: Secure privileged access from active attacks
  • 10:45: Dive into Shielded VMs with Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V
  • 10:45: Learn the top 10 reasons why you'll like Windows Server 2016
  • 12:05: Evolve your MP experience in System Center Operations Manager 2016
  • 12:30: BRK3182 Secure your native and mobile applications with Microsoft identity and application management
  • 12:30: The Path to Containerization – transforming workloads into containers
  • 12:30: Manage and troubleshoot your Windows Server environment remotely
  • 02:15: BRK3110 Respond to advanced threats before they start – identity protection at its best!
  • 02:15: BRK3327 Dive deep in the Microsoft Azure Stack IaaS
  • 02:15: Monitor your changing datacenter using Microsoft System Center 2016 Operations Manager
  • 02:15: Secure your Active Directory to mitigate risk in the cloud
  • 04:00: BRK3179 Modernize your app’s consumer identity management with Azure AD B2C
  • 04:00: BRK3115 Become a Microsoft Azure Stack Infrastructure rockstar
  • 04:30: BRK2067 Manage access to SaaS Applications With Azure Active Directory


  • 09:00: BRK3074 Discover what’s new in Active Directory Federation and Domain Services in Windows Server 2016
  • 10:45: BRK3108 Share corporate resources with your partners using Azure AD B2B collaboration
  • 12:30: BRK3330 Join your Windows 10 devices to Azure AD for anywhere, anytime productivity
  • 12:30: Deploy Microsoft Azure StorSimple across your enterprise
  • 12:45: BRK3148 Learn about hybrid applications with Azure and Azure Stack
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