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L’équipe Exchange vient de publier le sixième Cumulative Update (CU7) (15.00.1044.025) pour Exchange Server 2013. Microsoft a changé la stratégie d’assistance sur le cycle de vie d’Exchange ne nécessitant plus l’application des derniers Cumulative Update pour être supporté.

Il apporte les changements suivants :

  • 3004235 Exchange Server meetings in Russian time zones as well as names of time zones are incorrect after October 26, 2014
  • 3012655 New-MailboxImportRequest causes unreadable characters when you import an ANSI format .pst file of Russian language
  • 3012652 CalendarProcessing cmdlet does not generate delegate permissions to universal security groups in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3009631 Advanced Find against the Sent Items folder in Outlook returns no result in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3009612 Outlook Web App shows organization details on the contact card beyond the scope of user ABP in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3009291 Shared mailbox cannot be opened in Outlook in an Exchange Server 2013 environment that has multiple domains
  • 3008453 Cannot edit or delete forms from the organizational forms library in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3008438 User who is trying to Log on to Exchange Admin Console is logged in to OWA instead
  • 3006672 Move request fails if the IsExcludedFromProvisioning option is true in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3005391 Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 5 breaks free|busy lookup from Exchange Online to Exchange Server 2007
  • 3003986 RejectMessageReasonText in transport rule appears in the user section of a DSN in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3001217 TLS 1.0 is hardcoded for SMTP traffic encryption in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3001037 Distribution group cannot send email messages to a mail enabled public folder in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
  • 2999031 A cross-forest mailbox move from Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2013 finishes with CompletedWithWarnings status
  • 2998144 New-MoveRequest cmdlet with RemoteLegacy parameter cannot perform a cross-forest mailbox move
  • 2988553 Add-ADPermission and Remove-ADPermission can be run outside the management scope in Exchange Server 2013
  • 2981538 Exchange Control Panel crashes when you proxy from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2010
  • 3014051 Cannot migrate mailboxes in a multiple domains environment in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3012986 ContentIndexRetryQueueSize value for a passive node never drops to zero in Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 6
  • 3004011 Sound alerts do not work in Outlook Web App when new email or calendar notification is received in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3003580 Event ID 4999 and 4401 when the Microsoft Exchange Replication service crashes in Exchange Server 2013
  • 3003518 "550 5.7.1" NDR when you send messages to external recipients in an Exchange Server 2013 hybrid environment
  • 3003068 Cannot see online archive mailbox after you upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 6
  • 3000944 Subfolders under the Deleted Items folder are not visible in Outlook in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
  • 2997847 You cannot route ActiveSync traffic to Exchange 2007 mailboxes after you upgrade to Exchange 2013 CU6
  • 2997355 Exchange Online mailboxes cannot be managed by using EAC after you deploy Exchange Server 2013 CU6
  • 2997209 Exchange Server 2013 databases unexpectedly fail over in a co-existence environment with Exchange Server 2007
  • 2995263 OAB cannot be rebuilt if the .flt file is larger than two GB in Exchange Server 2013
  • 2994216 PublicFolderMoveRequest deletes all read or unread state in target mailbox for each user in Exchange Server 2013
  • 2993871 Resource Booking Assistant crashes after you upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 5
  • 2983216 Category setting on an item in Outlook jumps the selection to the top of the list in an Exchange Server 2013 environment
  • 2931223 MAPI virtual directory is missing from Default Web Site node

Télécharger le Cumulative Update 7 for Exchange Server 2013 (KB2986485)


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