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Le Correctif cumulatif 14 pour Exchange Server 2016 est disponible

L’équipe Exchange vient de publier le 14ème Cumulative Update (CU14) (15.01.1847.003) pour Exchange Server 2016. Microsoft a changé la stratégie d’assistance sur le cycle de vie d’Exchange ne nécessitant plus l’application des derniers Cumulative Update pour être supporté.

Il apporte les changements suivants :

  • 4515255 “X-InnerException: Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionRpcServerTooBusy” error when you try to use a mailbox in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515254 Event 1009 frequently occurs in application logs for lagged database copies in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4502159 Adding or removing mailbox permission in EAC doesn’t address the msExchDelegateListLink attribute in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515276 Room mailbox accepts a meeting as “Free” if a booking delegate is set in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515275 Enable Get/Restore-RecoverableItems to work with Purges folder in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515274 AutodiscoverV2 request returns REST API endpoint not AutoDiscoverV1 endpoint in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515269 SentToMemberOf shows every recipient type not distribution groups when creating transport rule in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515272 Message is blocked in “SMTP Delivery to Mailbox” queue if exchange server is added in groups of a child domain in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515271 Can’t convert a migrated remote user mailbox to shared in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515270 SubmissionQueueLengthMonitor shows “System.ArgumentException: Transition timeout…” in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515267 NDR occurs when you resend message from alternate journaling mailbox to journaling mailbox in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515265 Removing In-Place Hold doesn't work for mailboxes in different domains in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515264 FindPeople request from Skype for Business on Mac fails with "Invalid Shape Specification" in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515263 Hide the "Validate-MailFlowThroughFrontDoor" command for Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515262 Enable Remove-MobileDevice to delete mobile devices after migrating to Office 365 from Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515261 Can’t copy eDiscovery search results for mailboxes with Exchange online archives in Office 365 in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515273 Mailbox auditing fails when you use SHA1Managed in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515266 Infinite loop in Recurrence.GetNumberOfYearsBetween() with the Japanese calendar in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4520319 S/MIME signed reply draft behaves like the first message in conversation in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4515832 Description of the security update for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and 2016: September 10, 2019


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