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Le Correctif Cumulatif 12 pour Exchange Server 2016 est disponible

L’équipe Exchange vient de publier le 12ème Cumulative Update (CU12) (15.01.1713.005) pour Exchange Server 2016. Microsoft a changé la stratégie d’assistance sur le cycle de vie d’Exchange ne nécessitant plus l’application des derniers Cumulative Update pour être supporté.

Il apporte les changements suivants :

  • 4487596 Emails are blocked in moderator mailbox Outbox folder when you send large volumes of emails in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4456241You receive a meeting request that has a "not supported calendar message.ics" attachment in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4456239New-MailboxRepairRequest doesn't honor RBAC RecipientWriteScope restrictions in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4487591The recipient scope setting doesn't work for sibling domains when including OUs in the scope in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4468363MRM does not work for mailboxes that have an online archive mailbox in Exchange Server
  • 4487603"The action cannot be completed" error when you select many recipients in the Address Book of Outlook in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4487602Outlook for Mac users can still expand a distribution group when hideDLMembership is set to true in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488076Outlook on the Web can't be loaded when users use an invalid Windows language in operating system in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488079Exchange Server 2016 allows adding Exchange Server 2019 mailbox server into a same DAG and vice versa
  • 4488077Can't configure voice mail options when user is in different domain in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488263X-MS-Exchange-Organization-BCC header isn't encoded correctly in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488080New-MigrationBatch doesn't honor RBAC management scope in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488262Delivery Reports exception when tracking a meeting request that's sent with a room resource in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488268Disable the irrelevant Query logs that're created in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488267Test-OAuthConnectivity always fails when Exchange Server uses proxy to connect to Internet in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488266Client application doesn't honor EwsAllowList in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488265"There are problems with the signature" error occurs for digital signature message if attachment filtering is enabled in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488264Mailbox that has a bad move request can't be cleaned up from destination mailbox database in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488261Event ID 1002 when the store worker process crashes in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488260New-MailboxExportRequest and New-MailboxImportRequest don't honor RBAC management scope in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488259MailTip shows wrong number of users for a distribution group if the users are in different domains in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4488258OAuth authentication is removed when saving MAPI virtual directory settings in EAC in Exchange Server 2016
  • 4490060Exchange Web Services Push Notifications can be used to gain unauthorized access
  • 4490059Reducing permissions required to run Exchange Server using Shared Permissions Model


Notez qu’après avoir installé le Cumulative Update 12 pour Exchange Server 2016, le bouton Accepter disparaît dans le message d'invitation d'un calendrier partagé dans Microsoft Outlook sur le client Web. Par conséquent, vous ne pouvez pas ajouter le calendrier partagé en cliquant directement sur le bouton Accepter. Référez-vous à la KB4471392 pour plus d’informations.

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