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Hi everyone,

I've created a PowerShell script to add an email forwarding rule on a mailbox for Exchange Online. What this script does is :

  • Connect to Exchange Online : You will be prompt for an admin credentials
  • Verifying that the source email address does not already have a forwarding rule
  • If your source email address does not have a forwarding rule, the script creates the one your want to configure
  • By default, the script keeps a copy of every email in the source mailbox and forward the email. If you don't want to keep a copy in the source mailbox, you can add the parameter -KeepACopyAndForward with the value $false

I've added some verbose log in order to know what the script is doing :)

How to use the script :

.\New-O365EmailForwardingRule.ps1 -sourceEmailAddress "" -DestinationEmailAddress ""
.\New-O365EmailForwardingRule.ps1 -sourceEmailAddress "" -DestinationEmailAddress ""
-KeepACopyAndForward $false

The Link of my script : 

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