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    • 29/2/2012

    [Microsoft Lync Server 2010] Lync Custom Intranet Site

    Microsoft met à disposition un package permettant de déployer facilement un site intranet d'aide en ligne concernant l'utilisation de l'outil Lync:

    The Lync Custom Intranet Site provides a way for you to deliver a version of Lync 2010 online Help that exactly matches the way your organization works. The site includes HTML source code for all Help pages. It also includes all the short how-to videos, Help topics, Microsoft PowerPoint training presentations, and other resources currently available online

    Source et téléchargement ici: http://lync.microsoft.com/Adoption-and-Training-Kit/tools-and-apps/Pages/Lync-SharePoint-Intranet-Templates.aspx

    • 29/2/2012

    [Microsoft Lync Server 2010] Call Lync IE Accelerator


    Actuellement, je sais bien, mon blog est moins fourni que par le passé, je vais annoncer un important changement professionnel prochainement qui monopolise pas mal de mon temps.

    En attendant des articles plus nombreux, en voici un sur un plugin intéressant, il s'agit de Call Lync IE Accelerator:


    Lync already comes with an IE Add-On to enable you to make quick calls. However, it only recognises internationally formatted telephones numbers. For UK sites (and others I'm sure) the majority of numbers aren't recognised. This accelerator allows you to select the number and pass it through to Lync.
    Behind the scenes, all that really happens is that the number get passed in the format tel:your_number. If you have Lync installed, this will be enough to trigger a call.

    Facilement installable par le biais de ce lien, il s'avère très pratique: http://thoughtstuff.co.uk/accelerator/#


    • 15/2/2012

    [Microsoft Lync Server 2010] Kemp

    Kemp est maintenant officiellement supporté par Microsoft dans ces versions hardware et software:



    source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/lync/gg269419

    Low cost et robuste, c'est un bon choix pour des environnements Lync ayant ce type de besoin, je l'avais justement validé en fin de l'année dernière, je vais faire un point plus complet très prochainement§

    • 1/2/2012

    [Microsoft Lync Server 2010] Roundtable HD

    La roundtable aussi connu sous le nom barbare de Polycom CX5000 fait peau neuve, elle à maintenant la capacité de faire de la haute définition:

    • 1/2/2012

    [Microsoft Lync Server 2010] Certification Advanced Design and Deployment

    Une nouvelle certification pour la technologie Microsoft Lync Server 2010 fait son apparition, il s'agit de l'examen Exam 74-322 Advanced Design and Deployment, elle sera disponible en beta pour mars et avril.


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    Beta Exam Overview

    ·         This exam focuses on advanced Lync voice and video workloads.

    ·         The exam is intended to narrow the gap between the knowledge and skills of Lync MCITPs and Lync Microsoft Certified Masters (MCM) though training and certification exams that are at a higher level of difficulty than Ignite and MCITP level (200-300) exams.

    ·         Candidates taking this exam may include consultants, support engineers, telephony engineers or administrators working independently or for various types of organizations.

    ·         Candidates taking this exam should be able to use their knowledge of their or their customer’s IT environment and business objectives to design and deploy appropriate solutions to customer problems. The candidate should also be able to provide technical guidance to junior consultants, support engineers and administrators.  The candidate is the initial point of escalation in a mission critical environment. 


    Topics Covered

    ·         Design, Deploy and Maintain Lync Server Infrastructure

    o   Design topology, server placement and infrastructure dependencies

    o   Design user policies

    o   Design RBAC

    o   Backup and Recover Lync Server

    ·         Design and Deploy Conferencing and Video

    o   Design conferencing scalability

    o   Design a video conferencing infrastructure

    ·         Design and Deploy Voice

    o   Design and configure emergency services and location information services

    o   Design and configure voice applications, devices and features

    o   Design and deploy unified messaging

    o   Design a dial plan and voice policies

    o   Design and configure network services



    ·         At least one year of previous hands-on Lync Server experience designing, installing, configuring and supporting across all workloads, with an emphasis on voice and video, in small and mid-size enterprise deployments.

    ·         Functional understanding of Lync Server architecture and design including designs that feature multiple locations/pools, all Lync workloads and requirements for high availability.

    ·         Candidates new to Lync/OCS should complete formal training in 10533AD Deploying, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and10534AD Planning and Designing a Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Solution.

    o   10533A: Deploying, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (5 Days)

    o   10534A: Planning and Designing a Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Solution (5 Days)

    ·         It is also recommended for candidates to have passed both the TS and PRO Exams (100/200 level).

    o    Exam 70-664: TS: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Configuring

    o    Exam 70-665: PRO: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Administrator


    Je la passe début mars, donc je ferais un retour sur cette dernière!