• Speaking at Microsoft Build 2019

    I am deeply honoured and humbled to announce I have been selected to speak at the Microsoft Build 2019, which will be happening from May 6th to 8th in Seattle.

    The subject is going to be a bit different from my usual speaking area however, we will be talking about IoT, health and wellbeing.

    Here is the abstract of the session.

    Using IoT to improve people’s health and brain power

    The office space is a hostile environment for our bodies and health. Back pain, brain asphyxia, drowsing and many more health related issues come cripple our workforce, having huge consequences on employee’s well being and their performance. 

    If things are slowly starting to improve with ergonomic desks, medical advisors and other initiatives, let us look at what technology could do to help us. Join Microsoft MVP Vincent Biret for a session on how you can leverage small and simple IoT projects to improve individual’s personal health and increase their day to day well being as well as overall performance. 

    Learn about Microsoft Azure IoT and serverless solutions through fun and odd demonstrations during this session packed with examples.

    The Microsoft Build is a paid conference with dozens of sessions, mostly from the product teams, focusing on a developper audience. You can learn more about it and register here.
    I hope to see many of you there!

    • 23/4/2019
  • Speaking at SharePoint Fest DC 2019

    SharePoint Fest Washington DC 2018 is happening from April 29th to May the 3rd. This event will feature 2 days pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference. You can find more information about it on the website. I'll be presenting three sessions:

    DEV104 - Migrate your custom components to the SharePoint Framework

    Migrate your custom components to the SharePoint Framework.

    It’s the 3rd model Microsoft has come with to customize SharePoint in less than 5 years. You may still have add-ins/apps or even solutions running in production and you’re asking yourself what to do about all that?
    Do you have to start all over again? And for how long that new model will last?

    We’ll see together what could be the reasons pushing you to chose one model or another. Do you need to migrate everything now. How to build applications that will be easy to migrate to the framework if you’re on “old versions” of SharePoint. And how to leverage existing components you’ve developed.

    This session is primarily meant for developers and deciders.
    AZR202 - Azure Functions: What’s New In V2 & Getting Started

    Azure Functions are an extremely important and popular service from Microsoft for serverless workloads. Version 2 of this service is now available and whether you are getting started or looking to migrate and better understand the differences, it’s important to know more about this powerful service and development approach.

    Join Vincent Biret, an MVP and expert on Azure development, during his session to get a crash course on tooling, ways to get started, authentication, authorization and how to access and process data quickly. With many demonstrations, you will learn how to leverage Azure Functions to build your APIs and backend services for line of business applications, IoT, data processing and much more!

    AZR302 - Automating PROV For Your Digital Workplace: With Azure Durable Functions & Microsoft Graph

    Out of the box Microsoft allows you to provision pre-built templates to help users get started and meet your business needs. In the real world almost all organizations extend these templates and further tailor the provisioning of new digital spaces, whether they be SharePoint sites, Microsoft teams or more. Understanding how to automatically create new teams, channels, tabs, invite people, send a welcome message and much more is a critical part of getting more out of Office 365.

    Join Vincent Biret, MVP and Office 365 expert, as he demonstrates how to build a better provisioning workflow that leverages Azure Durable Functions and the Microsoft Graph. With what you learn in this session you can better automate and improve the provisioning process and significantly reduce the amount of administrative and manual work needed in Office 365.

    • 18/4/2019
  • Speaking at SharePoint Saturday Houston 2019

    It is the second time in a few years I have the ooportunity to speak at the SharePoint Saturday Houston.

    I’ll give a speech about "Automating Provisioning For Your Digital Workplace: With Azure Durable Functions & Microsoft Graph"

    Together we will see how you can improve your provisioning workflows and automate most of it leveraging Azure Durable Functions and the Microsoft Graph. This session is geared mostly towards developers but also for IT pros and deciders that want to gain insights on how to combine business processes and provisioning.

    Together we will see a lot of demonstrations, examples.

    If you’re in the area Saturday April, the 5th 2019 don’t hesitate to register to the event.

    Just as a reminder SPS are free events organized by the community with lot of great sessions. This is a good occasion to expand your network, learn a lot of things and to spend a good day.

    See you there! 

    • 2/4/2019