• SharePoint Framework in my own words

    If you're following the SharePoint community, you've probably heard of the "SharePoint framework in his own words" video series. is behind that initiative

    ( @andrewconnell founded voitanos recently)

    The idea is to get the thoughts from the community and people who have been around the SharePoint development for a few years. If you don't know that series I'd encourage you to check it out and I also hope that the product team behind the framework is listening the that super valuable feedback.

    When I was at Techorama in Belgium a few weeks ago, I had the chance to connect with Andrew, and aside from speaking and beer tasting, I was honoured to be interviewed for that series.

    You can go check it out on his blog:

    • 20/6/2017
  • Update to _spPageContextInfo type definitions - new properties available

    If you're building modern SharePoint components (Framework or not), there's a high chance you're using TypeScript.

    In that case you're probably using @types/SharePoint to provide auto-completion as well as some level of understanding for the compiler of what's going on.

    There's one object in particular that SharePoint hydrates for us to give some understanding of where the user is and what he/she is doing: _spPageContextInfo.

    A lot of properties were missing in those type definitions, old stuff like the web Id but also new things coming from SharePoint Online like canUserCreateMicrosoftForm.

    A few days ago I created a pull request to add these properties so you don't need anymore to do things like (_spPageContextInfo as any).webId for compilation to go through and it recently got accepted.

    The entire list of new properties is here and you can get those just by updating @types/SharePoint.

    Happy coding!

    • 16/6/2017