• Speaking at SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire 2015

    This year again I have the opportunity to speak at the SPS New Hampshire. I’ll give a speech about the multilingualism capabilities of SharePoint “Translating SharePoint from beginning to ending”.

    We’ll talk about how you can successfully implement an multilingual intranet, team sites or public sites using SharePoint.

    If you’re in the area Saturday October the 24th 2015 don’t hesitate to register to the event. Just as a reminder SPS are free events organized by the community with lot of great sessions. This is a good occasion to expand your network, learn a lot of things and to spend a good day.

    See you there!



    • 23/10/2015
  • Programmatically add permissions to “everyone” in SharePoint Online

    At some point you may want to add permissions to the “everyone” “groupe” of SharePoint.

    Indeed this will allow you to set permissions to all users already having access to this site (because they are already members of other groups or already have permissions). This “group” is different of “NT AUTHORITY\authenticated users » which represents successfully identified users (bigger group).

    The only thing is that “group” is in fact a user, so it’s helpless to iterate on every group of the site collection hoping to find it. It’s in fact a special user. To find it just use it’s login: "c:0(.s|true"

    Here is a CSOM example on how to do that

    var user = item.ParentList.ParentWeb.EnsureUser("c:0(.s|true");

    var roleBindings = new RoleDefinitionBindingCollection(context);


    item.RoleAssignments.Add(principal, roleBindings);



    • 7/10/2015