• 1/10/2019

    Speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2019 - SPFx & DevOps

    The ESPC is one of the biggest technology events in Europe and the biggest with focus on Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

    An interesting particularity of this event, they move to a different European capital each year.

    This years edition will be from December 2nd to 5th in Prague and I'm honored to be invited to speak again.

    I'll be presenting two sessions:

    - How to do DevOps with the SharePoint Framework and why it matters? This session will be an introduction to DevOps practices and an application of the core principles in a SharePoint Framework context.

    - Advanced DevOps with the SharePoint Framework. I'll be co-presenting this session with the famous Elio Struyf. During this session we will go over more advanced DevOps concepts when building SharePoint Framework solutions.

    If you live in Europe and work with Office 365 and/or Azure, I highly recommend you make the trip and come get awesome content delivered by worldwide experts!

    • 1/10/2019

    Recording available: Microsoft Graph September Community call - Provisioning demo

    Last September I was invited to speak again on the Microsoft Graph Community call. If you don't know about it, this free online monthly call brings together Microsoft Product Team members and Community members demonstrating new capabilities and real world examples.

    It is a great way to catch up on the latest news and I highly recommend you attend it if you work with the Microsoft Graph or would like to. (see attached link)

    This time I was presenting a shorter version of my session "Automating Provisioning for your digital workplace: With Azure Durable Functions and the Microsoft Graph".

    I demonstrated how you can easily implement complex provisioning workflows tied to your business logic using the latest and greatest frameworks and APIs.

    Here is the video starting at my demonstration, but you can of course watch the entire video.